1 Most Valuable Standing Liberty Quarters Worth Over $100 Million USD🪙| Updated News 2024

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The Standing Liberty quarter, minted from 1916 to 1930, is one of the most cherished and sought-after pieces among coin collectors.

Designed by sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil, these quarters are not only a piece of currency but also a piece of art, representing Liberty in a dynamic posture.

While no single Standing Liberty quarter might fetch over $100 million on its own, the series includes some incredibly rare and valuable pieces that, collectively, could be worth a significant sum to the right collector.

Here are ten of the most valuable Standing Liberty quarters, each with its own history and reasons for its high value.

1. 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter

The 1916 Standing Liberty quarter is the holy grail for collectors.

With a mintage of just over 52,000, it’s the first year these quarters were produced and by far the rarest.

A well-preserved piece can easily fetch over $100,000 at auction, making it one of the most coveted coins in American numismatics.

Its rarity and the historical significance of marking the series’ beginning contribute to its high valuation.

2. 1918/7-S Overdate Quarter

This unique coin features an overdate error, where a 1918 quarter was struck over a 1917 die, resulting in a “1918/7” date.

Particularly rare, especially in higher grades, this error coin is highly sought after by collectors.

Prices can soar into the tens of thousands for coins in fine condition, with the highest-graded examples reaching into the six figures.

3. 1927-S Full Head Quarter

The 1927-S Standing Liberty quarter with a full head detail is a rarity among the series.

Its low mintage and the fact that few were preserved in high-quality condition make it extremely valuable.

Collectors prize examples with full head details, as this feature is often worn away.

Mint condition pieces can command prices well above $100,000.

4. 1919-D Full Head Quarter

The Denver mint’s 1919-D Standing Liberty quarter with full head detailing is another rare find.

Its mintage was relatively low, and finding one with the full head detail intact is a challenge.

This scarcity drives its value up, with top-condition coins being particularly prized and valued in the high five to low six figures.

5. 1920-S Full Head Quarter

Like other “S” mint mark coins, the 1920-S Standing Liberty quarter with full head details is incredibly scarce.

Its value is significantly enhanced for specimens retaining sharp, detailed strikes, especially on Liberty’s head.

In premium condition, these quarters can reach well into the six figures at auction.

6. 1923-S Full Head Quarter

The 1923-S is another example where the full head detail significantly increases the coin’s value.

With a relatively low survival rate of high-grade examples, this coin is a gem for collectors. Prices for coins in superior condition with full head details can be astronomical, often exceeding $100,000.

7. 1924-S Full Head Quarter

The 1924-S Standing Liberty quarter is notoriously difficult to find with full head details, making high-grade examples extremely valuable.

Its rarity and the demand among collectors for quarters with clear, detailed strikes contribute to its high market value, with the best-preserved pieces fetching six-figure sums.

8. 1926-S Quarter

The 1926-S is known for its low mintage and is one of the key rarities of the Standing Liberty quarter series.

Finding this coin in any condition is a challenge, and prices escalate quickly for higher-grade examples, making it one of the most valuable coins in the series.

9. 1927-S Quarter

While not as rare as its full head counterpart, the 1927-S Standing Liberty quarter in any condition is still a valuable find.

Its low mintage numbers make it a sought-after piece for any serious collector, with prices reflecting its scarcity and demand.

10. 1917 Type 1 Full Head Quarter

The 1917 Type 1 features Liberty with her breast exposed, a design that was quickly modified due to public outcry, making original Type 1 coins with full head details highly collectible.

These quarters are not only valuable for their numismatic significance but also for their historical context, fetching high prices at auction.


While no Standing Liberty quarter may individually reach the $100 million mark, the rarity and historical significance of these coins make them incredibly valuable.

Collectors who seek to own these pieces not only invest in their monetary value but also in a piece of American history.

Each of these quarters tells a story, from the early days of their minting to the changes in design and the errors that occurred along the way.

For collectors, the pursuit of these coins is a passion, driven by the desire to hold a tangible piece of the past in their hands.

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