Karaoke is back! You asked and we’re making it happen… with some modifications. We’re doing our best to provide you with a fun and safe karaoke experience, within the guidelines of the City And County of Honolulu’s Executive Orders. We’ll have a new way of doing things, new rules, but the same awesome 9th Avenue Rock House karaoke. Below are some of the changes that we will be implementing and links to our song list. But first, let us introduce you to….


This is where all of our karaoke action will take place! Take pics! Enjoy the toys! Take your beer in the shower! This is how we’re gonna bring karaoke back to 9th Avenue Rock House!


  • We will not provide physical books, due to Covid restrictions.
  • You will be given a disposable microphone cover when you sing. That is your cover for the evening. Please hang on to it and place on the microphone grill every time you sing. When you are ready to leave, please throw your mic cover in the trash.
  • Singing will take place in the designated karaoke area in the bar. We will not allow singing at the table. A maximum of two people will be allowed in the singing area at a time. Please keep the curtain closed when singing. Failure to do so will result in us cutting you off from karaoke for the evening.
  • No dancing or singing at your table. Please help us enforce proper social distancing and ensure a safe environment for all.
  • Space is still limited (We’re a small bar!). We recommend that you reserve a spot or a table to ensure you have a space. We are only allowed to do seated service, so once all tables and bar seats are taken, we will not be allowing anyone else in. You can reserve a table here.
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Or use the SongBookDB webpage at www.songbookdb.com and use the code HOUSE