Karaoke is BACK!!! We’ve doubled down with updated songs, new features, and more fun! Karaoke runs nightly from 7 PM till 1:30 AM, unless we have a special event happening. We highly recommend that you reserve a table in advance, as we have limited space in the bar. You can call for a reservation (or any other info you may need) at 1-808-384-2181 or you can reserve a spot here!


Karaoke is $2 per song.

We have a two drink minimum, per person, if you plan on singing karaoke.

We rotate singers to ensure that every party has a chance to sing. That means, unless there are no other singers, you will not be singing all your songs in a row.

We ask that you sing at your table only. Please do not walk around the bar, as a courtesy to other patrons.

our library

We do not provide physical books anymore. Our library is constantly growing, with new songs added as soon as they are produced for karaoke, so this is the best way to give you the most up to date list we have. Use the QR Code here to access our library, or at http://www.songbookdb.com and use the code HOUSE.