1: Mediterranean Diet Trail Mix - A satisfying blend of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits for on-the-go energy.

2: Hummus and Veggie Dip Cups - Crunchy vegetables paired with creamy hummus for a healthy snack.

3: Greek Yogurt Parfait - Layered with fresh berries, honey, and granola for a sweet treat.

4: Olive and Feta Cheese Skewers - A savory combination of olives and feta cheese for a quick snack.

5: Stuffed Grape Leaves - A flavorful mix of rice, pine nuts, and herbs wrapped in grape leaves.

6: Tzatziki Cucumber Bites - Cool cucumber slices topped with tangy tzatziki sauce and dill.

7: Baked Pita Chips with Roasted Red Pepper Dip - A crunchy snack with a smoky roasted pepper flavor.

8: Mediterranean Chickpea Salad - A refreshing mix of chickpeas, vegetables, and herbs in a lemon vinaigrette.

9: Roasted Almonds with Rosemary - A simple and satisfying snack with a hint of rosemary.