1: "Power means knowing who you are, and having the strength to be that person." - Jessica Pearson

2: "Jessica Pearson taught us that success is not given, it is earned through hard work and determination." - Gina Torres

3: "When Jessica Pearson moves to Pearson, her presence will be felt in every boardroom and courtroom." - Gina Torres

4: "Get ready to witness the unapologetic power of Jessica Pearson in a whole new environment." - Gina Torres

5: "Jessica Pearson's journey from Suits to Pearson is a powerful reminder that change is inevitable, but growth is optional." - Gina Torres

6: "Jessica Pearson's absence on Netflix is a testament to her exclusivity and brilliance." - Gina Torres

7: "Jessica Pearson's impact transcends screens and resonates with those who strive for greatness." - Gina Torres

8: "Jessica Pearson's wisdom will continue to inspire and empower long after her departure from Suits." - Gina Torres

9: "Jessica Pearson's legacy is not just about power and success, but about integrity and authenticity." - Gina Torres