1: Introduction to Bicentennial Quarters Learn how to identify valuable bicentennial quarters from 1976.

2: Look for the Special Design Check for a unique drum or a bell design on the back of the quarter.

3: Inspect the Date and Mint Mark Locate the "1776-1976" date and the "S" mint mark on the coin.

4: Examine the Condition A well-preserved quarter with minimal wear can be more valuable.

5: Check for Errors Look for minting errors like missing letters or doubled images.

6: Consult a Professional Get a coin expert's opinion to verify the quarter's value.

7: Research Online Resources Use websites and forums to learn more about bicentennial quarters.

8: Store and Protect Your Collection Keep your valuable coins in a safe place to maintain their value.

9: Conclusion and Next Steps Follow these tips to identify a valuable bicentennial quarter.