1: Simone Biles is a household name in gymnastics, but she and NFL player Jonathan Owens face off on who's the better athlete.

2: Biles and Owens spar playfully over their athletic prowess, with Biles dominating in gymnastics while Owens shines in football.

3: Competitive banter aside, Biles and Owens support each other's careers and achievements in their respective sports.

4: Biles and Owens' friendly rivalry adds a fun twist to their relationship, showcasing their shared love for sports.

5: Both Biles and Owens push each other to be the best they can be, inspiring one another on and off the field.

6: Despite the playful competition, Biles and Owens both acknowledge each other's strengths and talents in their sports.

7: Biles and Owens' relationship is a testament to the power of support and encouragement in pursuing athletic dreams.

8: Together, Biles and Owens prove that love, laughter, and sportsmanship can coexist in a relationship built on mutual respect.

9: In the end, Biles and Owens focus on celebrating each other's successes, knowing that they are both champions in their own right.