1: Sunita Williams, American astronaut, dances joyfully as her Boeing Starliner capsule docks with the International Space Station.

2: Floating gracefully in space, Sunita Williams is welcomed by fellow astronauts as she enters the Space Station onboard the Boeing Starliner.

3: The Boeing Starliner capsule, carrying Sunita Williams, performs a flawless docking maneuver with the Space Station amid cheers and celebration.

4: Sunita Williams, known for her expertise in space exploration, showcases her dancing skills as she celebrates the successful docking of the Boeing Starliner.

5: In zero gravity, Sunita Williams moves with elegance as she commemorates her arrival at the Space Station aboard the Boeing Starliner capsule.

6: The crew onboard the International Space Station joins Sunita Williams in a zero-gravity dance party following the seamless docking of the Boeing Starliner.

7: Sunita Williams, with her contagious smile, expresses her excitement as she steps onto the Space Station from the Boeing Starliner capsule after the successful docking.

8: The historic moment of Sunita Williams' arrival at the International Space Station aboard the Boeing Starliner capsule is met with applause and admiration.

9: Sunita Williams, a trailblazer in space exploration, embodies the spirit of unity and cooperation as she dances her way into the hearts of the Space Station crew.