1: "Stealth Symphony" Wildly imaginative premise and action-packed story about powers being embedded into everyday objects may seem too violent for today's standards.

2: "Elfen Lied" Graphic violence, nudity, and themes of abuse make this classic anime series unlikely to be produced in today's more sensitive climate.

3: "High School of the Dead" Zombie apocalypse mixed with high school drama and excessive fanservice would face heavy censorship and backlash if released today.

4: "Ghost in the Shell" Complex philosophical themes and mature content may deter creators from attempting to adapt this sci-fi masterpiece for modern audiences.

5: "Berserk" Dark, violent, and mature themes explore the human condition in extreme ways that would likely face heavy criticism and controversy today.

6: "Neon Genesis Evangelion" Deep psychological exploration and controversial content may be deemed too risky and triggering for today's more politically correct climate.

7: "Gantz" Gory violence, sexual content, and nihilistic themes make this sci-fi series a tough sell for production in today's more sensitive mainstream culture.

8: "Hellsing" Dark, violent, and morally complex story exploring themes of power and redemption may be considered too edgy and controversial for contemporary audiences.

9: "Claymore" Violence, gore, and dark storytelling depict a brutal world that may not align with today's more sanitized and family-friendly anime trends.