1: "Mike Tyson and Shannon Briggs clash in street brawl before Jake Paul showdown."

2: "Briggs challenges Tyson to back alley brawl, tensions escalate."

3: "Tyson and Briggs exchange fiery words in gritty street showdown."

4: "Intense faceoff between Tyson and Paul leads to street fight with Briggs."

5: "Fans shocked as Tyson and Briggs square off in unexpected street confrontation."

6: "Violent clash between Tyson, Briggs catches media attention pre-Paul fight."

7: "Street scuffle between Tyson and Briggs raises stakes for Paul matchup."

8: "Briggs vs. Tyson street fight leaves fans buzzing for Paul's showdown."

9: "Tyson, Briggs street fight sets stage for epic battle with Jake Paul."